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  1. Not just you. I'd much rather have a 100% perfectly working and constantly updated app with new features that looks like utter dog crap than a pretty one that has a few bugs or missing features. It's not like we stare at the app while it's playing or hang out in the settings for long periods of times. Heck, once I set it up on a new phone, I tweak the settings maybe 3 times throughout it's lifespan. FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. :0)
  2. I had the Galaxy S3 and Poweramp worked beautifully with the stock headset/earbuds. I could do the single, double, triple click with no problem. Now I have the Galaxy S5 and I can't get the buttons to work as they did with the S3. I've even resurrected the S3 and compared those settings, line-by-line, to the S5 and they are the same. Anyone have an idea how I can get this working? Please help me...it's driving me bonkers
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