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  1. Well, for resetting back album arts as they were before its recommended to delete the"album_art" folder files from your device Android data folder/ _com.maxmpz.audioplayer.
  2. thanks andrewilley for reminding me this option, though its along way in smartphones but it can solve my problems and others too. If developers add a new shortcut way (which mentioned in post), it will be better and more formal.
  3. recently in version (2.0.9-build-564) of Poweramp player faced album art problem; when long pressing on player screen album art, options come for choosing (embed album art, no album art, pick from gallery and edit tags...), after selecting one of them, album art applies for the whole list of songs with the same "album name". is there a way that album arts should be applied for the considered songs?
  4. There should be a reset settings or default settings in new build version of Poweramp Player, either around three dot icon menu on the top or in main menu that a user should be able to see it more often then other sub-features. and this is highly recommended almost for all users of Poweramp Player. thanks
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