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  1. Hi, my whole music library has embedded lyrics but probably it has different tag than PA can read. Both my PC player, Foobar2000 and my other Android player GMMP can read this lyrics but PA says no lyrics. What tags I should use for synced and unsynced lyrics?

  2. Hi, some time ago I updated my Motorola XT890 to official beta version of Android 4.4.2. After that Poweramp plays noticeable quieter than rest players (Aimp, BubbleUPNP, Folder Player) and in my opinion quality of sound is worse. I have second XT890 on stock 4.1.2 and it's working fine, sound is like on every other player.
    I tried trick with DVC MusicFX and few others found on this forum and XDA and still no luck. Problem is on headphones and Bluetooth. I have no other equalizers than stock (which is turned off) and no other sound improvement apps.

    Hope it can be fixed.

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