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  1. Yeah that is what I did. But Poweramp being the main reason I use it rather than other players around (including sony's preinstalled walkman which supports flac), will DVC be fixed for Z3 compact ?
  2. Hi, This topic is a quick follow up to the bug report I filed using the recommended google form. Basically :playback (whatever music style / file format /lossy / lossless / anything that plays in Poweramp) on the new Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is horrible. There is a background noise / noise floor (i'm not sure what's the proper audiogeek wording) which occures. Edit : forgot to mention it disabling "Direct Volume Control" removes this noise problem (but also reduces the sound stage and overall sound quality, which is why I use Poweramp in the first place) I am using Westone W60 IEMs so ba
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