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  1. Poweramp and N7 Player both have this issue, however l have now found that Double Twist and Rocket Player do NOT have this problem, so l have decided to go with Rocket Player, who knows maybe Lollipop with miraculously fix the issue *shrug* Thank you Andre for trying to help me
  2. Unfortunately keeping the screen on has made no difference, 13 seconds into the 3rd song the sound dropped out again.
  3. No, i have no power saving settings turned on, i will test keeping the screen on now...
  4. Update : when I have the handset plugged in and charging Poweramp works perfectly, when the handset is unplugged from the charger the problem returns....
  5. ok audio thread priority to highest - no fix. buffer size increase to 750 ms - no fix. l dont understand why this problem exists... crappy Samsung player and half decent google play work [both pre-installed stock players #consipracy! lol ] ...
  6. l have just now changed the audio thread priority to highest - i will now see if it can play without sound loss for an hour *fingers crossed* l have not changed buffer size - l will change one setting at a time. Is rooting and new ROM a necessity for Poweramp?
  7. l don't know if im using a custom ROM or Kernel, it's a Samsung S5 puchased on contract from EE, dont know if that helps, l know it's not rooted, sorry l dont know the ins and out of Andriod yet :/
  8. l tried N7 Player and also had this exact same issuse, N7 and Poweramp are the only third-party music player apps i've tried.
  9. I wonder if someone could help me? I have a problem with music player apps on my Galaxy S5. Songs play but then at any random time, 2mins, 10mins, usually within 30mins the sound cuts out, the player shows the song as still playing, player is "functional" but no sound. If l unplug the earphones, and then plug the earphones back in, the sound comes back. The stock Samsung player works with no such issues, the only problem is the stock players sound quality is very poor. Does anybody know a fix? Please help KitKat 4.4
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