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  1. Yea this File can be bounced and play on PC. My Windows computer's can play it, and I sent you the email, twice, haha and to be hones...it's an okay song, and at this buddy of mine's house, chilling, it sucked I couldn't play it, but oh well I got no reason to bitch, there was only speakers that come from a case of booze blasting
  2. Poweramp guess what! I like how the file has one DL, on the email, but I'm on my toes, if you can check if it's a glitch? Also, this Poweramp app I got, for it to work, maybe you can add whatever is needed to work for All people, so it is not to happen, it's quite annoying
  3. Well, it is still having trouble, and great to know before I purchase. It plays in Windows Media Player, I can copy another file from my laptop, into the phone and it will persist on not playing, surely it is the file...but how did it play other mp3s that did not work, with other players (android players) and yet Poweramp, I was starting to like it, then nope. But I shall, is media fire OK? Or just direct DL, idk if you can trust me
  4. My trial Poweramp app doesn't read an Mp3. Will the purchased do the same? I mean, when I transferred the file from Windows 8, it had the message that it may not be able to play. So I had other players, and from the songs that had problems with playing on other players, Poweramp comes and plays, all but 1. I'm liking Poweramp but how flimsy is the trial compared to full version, if they're quite identical, then that same file will still have trouble even if, I purchased the unlocked/full version of Poweramp, can I trust the full version? Is this a problem with my file? I checked that there's n
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