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  1. I used to have the mp3s id3 tagged with 'album name - CD1', CD2 etc, but when I look through stuff to play by composer, you end up scrolling through loads of probably identical album artwork and you may have to manually queue album after album after album to play the whole lot sequentially, and there's no guarantee that if you labeled each album with disc number, that the albums will get displayed in disc order (in fact they don't), also if you've got Poweramp set not to auto-rotate (because it gets on your nerves), then unless the album title including disc number is only maybe 20-odd characters long, trying to figure out which album is which disc number within the set is extremely tedious and involved. (You need to select to play a track from the album, pause play, select to view the album's tracks and select 'edit info' just to finally figure out which album it is.) It's something of a pain to put it mildly. I suppose I could create a playlist for each of these boxed sets but that's really just a workaround for a somewhat illogical 'feature' in the way box-sets are currently handled. As this is a functionality change which would require no UI changes, it would be nice to see it included in some future update.
  2. I'll third this, would be a very useful which would require no UI changes. Particularly useful for people who have sets of classical music, eg complete Mozart Symphonies across 13 CDs which get played in a pretty bizarre order.
  3. this also affects me. I have for example "Complete Mozart Symphonies", the same with Bruckner, Beethoven, Complete piano concertos, Bach Complete Organ Works, same for Buxtehude, Sweelinck, De Grigny, etc, etc. I've maybe got twenty complete sets of works of various types by various composers on my microsd card which runs to an equivalent of maybe 200 CDs. That's a lot of music that plays in a pretty chaotically random order. It's a shame Poweramp doesn't correctly identify and order multi-CD sets and, I would expect, from a programming perspective would be a relatively easy and largely invisible bit of coding once the decision has been made to fix it. It's the sort of thing that thirty years ago when I was a desktop applications developer wouldn't take to long to do. I would expect that the correct way to process and sequence multiCD sets would be to order play from disc 1, track 1 to end then move on to disc 2, track 1 to end and so on. For a simple fix that would require no UI changes, it would make such a welcome improvement for people who listen to CD sets. It would much appreciated if you could squeeze it in, between meals
  4. finally, I have the artwork showing up correctly... what I did was enter folder (using file browser) \sdcard\android\data\_com.maxmpz.audioplayer and deleted all the files (but left the folders). I've always used the classic skin, but I downloaded a different skin - which I wasn't crazy about and reverted back to the classic skin, I deleted all album art via Poweramp settings and forced a full rescan. Somewhere in the process, something got fixed and now different tracks of the same album with different embedded artwork display the correct artwork in the main app, the lock screen and the notification pull-down. Everything above except changing skins I've done a large number of times before for various reasons including trying to sort out this incorrect artwork problem so I can only conjecture that maybe the skin had something to do with it.
  5. that's interesting Andre. I moved the files to a folder completely separate from the rest and deleted the art cache and rescanned but the artwork is still not changing as each track plays. I only ever embed the artwork and don't use folder.jpg files and always strip extraneous files from my music folders. I'm using a HTC One M8 under Apex Launcher with only the stock music player and Google play music as the other (completely unused) players on the phone. For some reason Poweramp is not displaying the artwork in the track and only using whatever is the 'per album' artwork. Could it be an HTC issue ?
  6. url sent as requested, any probs gaining access pls let me know. E.
  7. having just updated to 2.0.10 build 571 play, the just released version, I can confirm that this problem is still not fixed. I advise checking the mp3 files I've uploaded to Box cloud storage as examples because they perfectly and succinctly demonstrate the problem. Embedded images within mp3 tracks are not displayed when the track is playing. They used to be displayed as my old Galaxy S2 running a much earlier version of Poweramp will prove.
  8. having the same problem - have several hundred virtual organ music files (as may be found at virtuallybaroque.com with no ID3 tags) where I have diligently embedded a photo of the actual organ as the album cover as part of the ID3 tag so I can see which instrument is being virtually played. After digging out my old phone, I checked with a much older version of Poweramp using the exact same files and the older version shows the embedded art with a different instrument in the photo as each track plays. The current version plus a couple of latest versions of Poweramp show only one image for the entire album and do not show the artwork embedded in individual files. Have emailed Max a link to my Box account with a few example files. Anyone else interested in seeing that the different artwork per mp3 file is indeed embedded in the files (or who simply likes very good organ music in the public domain ) please PM me for a link the Box files.
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