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  1. Update: This seems relevant: http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/11/04/android-5-0-makes-sd-cards-great-again-extends-api-to-allow-full-directory-access-automatic-mediastore-and-improves-security/
  2. In the FAQ concerning external SD suppoprt, it says "At this moment, we don't have requests for allowing root to the music app, as Poweramp, but if we get more requests, we can add this." I'm here to formally request this. I have a wireless SD card mounted as a CIFS share mounted in a /mnt folder, since mounting it to /sdcard/[whatever] does funny things with the way mounting is implemented in Android, like only certain things can see it. Poweramp did see it for a bit, but unless I'm on a fresh reboot and everything, it doesn't. Root Explorer can see the contents, but any other app it just s
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