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  1. androissimo

    BT Headset pause/play bug

    @GeorgeN Try this : - Empty cache and datas - uninstall Poweramp - install Poweramp from PlayGoogle - Empty cache and datas - run Poweramp
  2. androissimo

    BT Headset pause/play bug

    Problem solved with Poweramp V3 build 820.😀
  3. androissimo

    Reading order

    Thanks Andre, it's good now.
  4. androissimo

    Reading order

    Hi, each album is in a sub-directory and the songs are named as follow regarding his position in the album 01- song 1 02 - song 2 etc... but I don't find how the songs can be played in this order, Poweramp 3 use the tag name of the song and order with it. Thanks.
  5. androissimo

    BT Headset pause/play bug

    Poweramp V3 does not start with BT connection with Renault RLink. Going back to Poweramp-2.0.10-build-588-uni solve the problem.
  6. Hello, I'have a full version of Poweramp running on a WIKO CINK PEAX under Android ICS and I can't display name of song, artist and album on the Renault R-Link. This feature run perfectly with the standard music application. Why ? Thanks.
  7. androissimo

    Memorise volume

    Is-it possible to memorise different volume : - headset - bluetooth - line out - Smartphone HP. Thanks.