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  1. Come on! If Google Music and YouTube can do it, so does Poweramp.
  2. Obviously, when browsing my library in FOLDER mode the Hierarchy list option is a must-have. I'm browsing in folder mode because I want to see my folders hierarchy, that's pretty obvious..... However, I really like the Grid view as it works better in landscape mode (the cover arts are larger, and even still it shows more folders at once). Why can't we have BOTH hierarchy and grid mode together? I know that Poweramp's feature requests are long long ignored and the player did not update for years in that aspect, but here's to never giving up.....
  3. I was wondering... what does the "Poweramp" logo button (in landscape) actually DO ?? It looks clickable (it's getting bolder / less faded when clicked) but absolutely nothing happens.... I think it would be great if this button could act as a link to the browser - which is one of the most annoying things in Poweramp IMO - it's very easy to miss the song title panel and instead of entering the browser - click the progress bar while a song is playing and destroy its position... especially when on the move, in the car etc'. Another good idea is to have the "back" button go to the browser as well.
  4. The easiest solution so far at least for me is to simply don't use the library at all. I browse only in FOLDERS view.... So I have: \_Various_Artists\Album 1\songs... \_Various_Artists\Album 2\songs... \Artist 1\Album 1\songs... \Artist 1\Album 2\songs... \Artist 2\Album\songs... \Artist 3\Album\songs... \Artist 4\Album\songs...
  5. The fact that there is absolutely no reply from the team is very sad. Feels like they just don't give a *uck about us, don't care enough to even reply.
  6. Currently the only way to access the browser / now playing list is by clicking on the song name. Because it is poorly designed very small and close to the progress bar, it is not uncommon to press the progress bar by mistake instead of the song name - very annoying.. It gets tricky especially when trying to operate it while driving. I would love to see an option to open the browser by sliding from the top (instead of the current only option - to change playlist/folder), I've seen this on other players as well.. The entire UI could use some modern refreshed love, but in the meantime this should be a quick (?) and good enough solution.. Thanks
  8. 4 (!!!) years later and still nothing... I guess Poweramp is a dead abandoned project? :-(
  9. BTW, This has nothing to do with notifications sounds.... We are talking about the navigation guidance which does work with the BT-Audio, and not foced to the speaker by any means.
  10. +1 I don't understand why the stock android player, google music play, and also some other players have this feature but Poweramp (and to be fair - some other 3rd-party music players as well) don't. Poweramp already have an equalizer with a preamp that can lower its volume without (?) affecting the operation system, so why not simply use it temporarly to lower the volume...?
  11. Me too. Visualizer is much more useful than a static album art image. Best implement IMO is having the album art as a (half-transparent) background image, and the music visualizer over it.
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