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  1. Thanks Max. I thought it might be something like that. Interesting it doesn't happen with some OEMs. Do you mean a line will be added to Poweramp for this, or added to the API?
  2. I found a bug assuming it's not intended. Android Auto doesn't display albumart when the "Show Albumart on Android Lockscreen" setting is disabled. This is easily reproducible but needs a reboot to take effect. Pixel 3 stock Android 9. I don't like lockscreen albumart but like it on my car dash :-)
  3. Thanks for the fix clever_man!!! One bug. The albumart is off. It is always one track behind. Using Poweramp 2.0. Also a little odd. When you click the notification it goes to the list view not the player view. But I'm glad to have the controls working again :-)
  4. +1 on Nexus 5X. Really annoyed at support response or lack of. Before I found this thread I emailed support. I was told to upgrade to Alpha when comments here make clear it's been known to be broken there too for nearly 2 months. Shows poor regard for paying customer not admitting it's a known issue and wasting my time. I bought the full license ages ago. I'd happily re-pay for a new version that works on 8.1. There is no other player on the market that supports local files and playlists like Poweramp. Please fix!!
  5. Thanks Andre! i had a similar question and this answered it. I have another question :-) I start play from Artist mode, with Artist List Options set to sort By Year. I have Shuffle set to Shuffle Songs, Lists In Order, and Advance List is turned on. When I hit the Next List Button, it doesn't shuffle, it goes to the start of the next Artist/album alphabetically. is there a way to make this shuffle to a random album by any artist? Shuffling albums with these same settings does work when starting play from Album mode. It let's me jump to the first song of a new album and play's that
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