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  1. this topic is kind of a big disappointment to me, every time I check it, I end up with a big bag of depression! what kind of update takes more than 2 years !!! seriously! what's wrong with you people still arguing about oreo or nougat !! how many devices will actually have oreo !? the guy been updating the app since lollipop and everytime he delaying the release because there is a new Android update !! when is this gonna end ?! I think it's much easier to ask google stop supporting Android, so max can finally have the time to follow up with his v3 release of 10 years! I
  2. half a year is good, i wish it going to be only 6 more months, but gussing it will be more like 2-3 years i came here every month and i can't believe i got this far
  3. it's wired that it takes you years to release a beta! or even a new material design app! seriously it's annoying and i can't sugar coat it! you need to respect your clients as they respected you and decided to support your work you gave them a date then you need to honor your word if it has bugs people will see the new work and respect that you are working on it but right now you are just telling us there is an update and nothing prove that...if it gonna take you a year after every new device come out then you won't release it ever...! excuse my attitude but i really can't understand why
  4. just release the beta version and we will be more than happy to test it ... and yes it strange it takes all this time .. i don't believe that someone can make such a great app like version 2 .. can't add those basic features you can found on so much lower music players .. anyway good luck and thanks for making the version 3 an update and not taking more money from us
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