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  1. Thanks a lot. Still getting used to these menu layouts but very nice to see all these features exist somewhere. Appreciate it!
  2. When using a bluetooth headset, the visualization seems to delay a few seconds. This is of course understandable due to the streaming delay of wireless, but is there a way to delay the visualization so that we can manually or automatically sync it up to the delay of the bluetooth? If not, is there a way to request this feature? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. I would hope so, as it was a very useful feature back in v2. Regardless I'm getting used to using the 'album art' method in the meantime. Many thanks!
  4. You're right. Although it wasn't like this in V2, I can assure you the scroll would be remembered wherever you last left it no matter how you accessed it. Seems to only work through the album art in v3. Good to know, will try get into the habit of doing that instead. Thanks a lot!
  5. On v2, when you were on the queue the song currently playing would be the place it first scrolls to when you access the queue. On v3 it starts from the top and you have to scroll all the way down to the song just to find out what's playing next or such. I know this is monir but it would just be much more convenient. Even greater of a feature would be that scrolls are remembered wherever you last left them no matter the page.
  6. @clever_man Excellent, thanks so much! Would be great for it to just show filenames when the ID3 tags are not available, but this will do for now Thanks a lot!
  7. I've seen a lot of negativity with the new UI (V3). I actually think it's really good - very modern compared to before, with a more visual seekbar which is much easier to find the part of the song you want, and visualisers which bring you back to the 90s of Winamp! I really like it. So thanks to the devs and the community for working on it! However I do have a slight problem which I really hope can be fixed, not all my songs have ID3 tags (and it would take far too long for me to set them all). In the old UI it would just show the filename, but now it just shows Unknown Title and/or Artis
  8. I have two folders named 'Music', one on my SD card and one on the actual phone's memory. I've used Poweramp for the last year or so and have even recently changed the ROM on my phone (so even after a full re-installation of a phone and using the app cleanly, this still did not solve my issue even after a year of data cleared), however I still seem to get duplicated songs on my library in the phone's memory folder (the mp3 files on the SD card are not duplicated in the library, so these are fine). It doesn't show the duplicated songs until I've restarted my phone however. I've searched and see
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