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  1. Yup, that worked. Thank you! This method is especially useful if you have your own compilations in specific folders and do not want to mess with creating and editing playlists every time you add or remove files or whole subfolders, as it is in my case.
  2. Hi all, Seems that I couldn't find the anwser anywhere, so I'm posting here. I've been using Poweramp for 1,5 years on my previous HTC phone and had it configured to play the music folder by folder - exactly by the actual folders on the smartphone storage. I've migrated to a newer phone, and now I can't seem to figure out how to make Poweramp play back my music in the exactly same way: the <<< and >>> buttons are inresponsive, and I can't sort the files to have the app play them in the order of actual folders (which is very frustrating, since some folders contain my perso
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