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  1. thanks everybody for all your comments. especially thanks to andrei105, for having great chat, very long and many chats. have fun buddies.
  2. Dear Gulshan, You had mentioned unthinkable line- Stop shaming your fellow countrymen. I want to work, for my work i request single license only, i am not asking for a free license or begging for free license. I am giving time to Poweramp development because i like MAXAMP development work. If you all think that my work for Poweramp is worthless, i can't say anything more. BYE Poweramp TEAM. HAVE A HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL MY FRIENDS AT Poweramp.
  3. Dear andrei1015, stop joking. Be Serious towards work. Respect the every work.
  4. Dear andrei1015, I think anderi1015, you, always joke you are never serious towards work done by any person. If you can't guide or help just shut up. I want to help Poweramp with my Hindi language translation for its betterment. If my help is making a joke in your mind, than I will not help. You are indirectly insulting to my help. Please andrei1015, please be a sincere and responsible person. I am not getting why Hindi Language make you to make a joke.
  5. Dear Poweramp Team, I have started Hindi Language Translation with is 35% now, I will try to complete it soon as possible with 100% Honesty and Care. I have one request to you team, can you give me 2 Pro Licenses for my work. Can I hope a happy answer from you. Best Regards Ashish
  6. andrei1015, why are you joking on work. If you can't help, please respect the work of other person. Good and responsible persons on The Earth are less, maximum are like joking or insulting other's work as think you are doing to me. So please be respectful. I want to help Poweramp with my translation work, that does not meant that I need to know everybody.
  7. Hindi is my work, I am Hindustani. Working for good cause arise questions in mind. I don't know AbhiAvi but may be in our office.
  8. Hi, I will help Poweramp in Hindi Translation, If you are happy can you give me some Licenses. Hoping happy answer from you.
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