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  1. @maxmp You are magician!!! Latest version is working on my Lineage 14.2!!!!!111111 I tried a lot of modifications for my device and saw that 811 build did not run on any 14 lineage builds(5 vers that were available on XDA), may be because that core was built from one person, don't know. Poweramp worked only on Lineage 13 for this specific device, but it was a really old build... I do not know what you did with Powerampp but it was really surprising!!! Thanks! My tablet is alive again!
  2. oooo!!!! Congrats!!! Did not knew. Play.market shows only betas if in beta program.
  3. Understand. too bad. this lineage was the only way to get android 5 and UP. But in this case also does not work. No problem. But if you have time, you can PM me, as there might be some more people in the future official release (not beta). Thanks for giving more info. I will try to play with different ROMs.
  4. @maxmp collected some logs additionally. 2018-12-06 21:32:39.052 2744-14902/system_process I/ActivityManager: Start proc 27823:com.maxmpz.audioplayer/u0a81 for activity com.maxmpz.audioplayer/.StartupActivity 2018-12-06 21:32:39.103 27823-27832/? E/art: Failed sending reply to debugger: Broken pipe 2018-12-06 21:32:39.103 27823-27832/? I/art: Debugger is no longer active 2018-12-06 21:32:39.103 27823-27832/? I/art: Waiting for a blocking GC Instrumentation 2018-12-06 21:32:39.107 27823-27832/? I/art: Starting a blocking GC Instrumentation 2018-12-06 21:32:39.216 27823-27823
  5. Multichoise for 3rd party skins. Moreover, when you try to edit settin in this skin, powerampp applies first skin in the list... light build-in one.
  6. @maxmp , Thank you for new release, it is working well at my S8 but this version still does not work at Lineage 14.2 Samsung tab 8.0.
  7. Wrote you, but there is no ability to attach file, so attaching here. poweramp799_cleaned_runned_firsttime.txt
  8. @maxmp, still does not start at Lineage 14.1
  9. Hello @maxmp, Thank you for RC, it is working good at my Samsung galaxy S8. but still does not work on Samsung Gaaxy Tab 8.0 Lineage 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) It is just freezing at startup. On thos device working only PA Alpha 704. Could you please take a look? For this device PA is blocked.... Already commented for 709 build(the same thing) LOGs: 09-22 10:08:11.731 30654-30654/com.maxmpz.audioplayer W/audioplayer.Application: Poweramp edition: arm-play 09-22 10:08:11.746 30654-30654/com.maxmpz.audioplayer W/Platform: man=samsung pro=lt01wifiue mod=SM-T310 dev=lt01wifi
  10. This is a BETA version. Please be patient and report issues or install V2 without those issues and wait till V3 is ready.
  11. @maxmp Thank you! found couple of issues. 1. Folders(hierarphy) > list settings > show as: list compact is currently == icons very small 2. After setting skin optins language switches from current(Russian) to English (default maybe) 3. Samsung galaxy s8 when open multiscreen view and left for powerampp less than half of the screen (1\4) it crashes in landscape mode
  12. Thank you @maxmp for the update! most of issues are already reported, so I won't duplicate those. One more thing to think of. If it is available for split screen / multi window is to change player layout to portrait in case if screen is splitted and in lanscape mode. It can recover most of UI problems in multi screen views
  13. Tried 706 and 709 builds. 706 black and freeze. 709 once seen initializing player opened once, then black screen again and nothing helped. Clear cash, clean install... nothong
  14. The same issue with market version 709. Reverted bak to 703 :(
  15. 706 does not work on tablet. samsung tab 3 8.0 Lineage 14.1(703 woking) i have tried reinstall clean install and so one. nothing. black screen. wait or close notification can be seen after some time.
  16. Samsung S8, Android 8.0. Works OK. At least for now. On Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 does not work(lineage 14.1, 7.1.2 Android codebase). Waiting for updates. Thank you!
  17. Moreove Moreover, Poweramp v2.0 uploaded to Market on November 1, 2011 source: http://powerampapp.com/news/page/2/
  18. Poweramp (v1.0, Trial, build-204) uploaded to Market on November 1, 2010, so you know the real ETA for v3.0 It may be 7 year anniversary version
  19. Hi, First of all I want to say that this new version of Poweramp is mind blowing!!!! I am waiting for release!!! Than you !!! So I want to be helpful to create Poweramp more stable! I found one issue in Alpha version on my Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Poweramp alpha-build-703-play(full version) Use Case like multimedia in Car(Skoda Octavia A7) using bluetooth connection. Steps: Start Car's Engine and wait untill car's audio reconnects Tablet using bluetooth. When Connection succesfull press play button. Expected: Music palys from car sterio Actual: first issue:
  20. I think I have found solution, thank you
  21. I cannot build any of skinns downloaded from https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi using command "ant debug" BUILD FAILED (Log at the bottom) using command "ant apkpush-shared" works well Environment: Android-Tools 17-21 installed Android Tools 23.0.5 One more: skin_classic/res/classic_skin_styles.xml cannot be fund in GIT, from description of your skin LOG: BUILD FAILEDD:\P4\trunk\Android\powerampapi-master\poweramp_skin_sdk_l\skin_lib\skin_custom_rules.xml:73: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "${skinlib.aapt}": CreateProcess error=2, The system canno
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