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  1. You can specify a path to save with JRIver and I tried saving the .pla playlists in the root of my Music folder and it's the same result. They are not seen by Poweramp until they are imported. Oh well.
  2. Hi there, As far as I can tell Poweramp does not see the .pla playlists that JRiver creates. The only way I can get it to work is to go to "Import System Library Playlists" after I have sent the the JRiver playlists on my phone (LG G3). If I then subsequently do the same import it creates duplicate playlists which is not good. The LG music player and Google Play Music see these playlists right away. But of course I want to use Poweramp to play music. Why does this matter? JRiver is a really good system for managing music and in particular creating and exporting playlists. It's the only t
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