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  1. I am now a social outcast and a figure of fun and derision by my peers. All my friends have deserted me and the girl I love detests me. All because of Poweramp. Let me tell you this tale of woe. I was a an extremely cool party which was amazing. I was in trousers so tight I could scarcely bend my legs. My beard had been combed through and bouffanted. The girl of my dreams who I had a huge crush on was there. Now I being known for my sophisticated and ultracool musical tastes was asked by the host if I would play some tunes through the sound system of the party. Naturally I was delighted a perfect chance to impress my crush. I excused myself to make sure all humiliating and embarrassing music tracks had been deleted from my phone. Just in case, you can't be too careful, there was too much riding on this. So there I was in the bathroom discreetly deleting early 90s boy band albums, the Spice Girls. Cheesy novelty hits etc. From my android phone using Poweramp. It was very relieving to see the Poweramp confirmation telling me those deletions were permanent. You are probably sensing the tragedy that was about to befall me, little did I know then. Then my moment of expected glory came. My phone packed and ready with the most Uber cool bleeding edge bands, it was going to be hipster heaven. I try to play it cool as I connected my phone into the Bluetooth sound system amp and tapped to play, random would do nicely. I casually hipster walked to the part of the room where my crush was sitting getting the odd nod and back slap for my impeccable music taste. Me and this girl had started talking about music and bands. And then out of the blue to my absolute horror, the unmistakable notes of "Achy Breaky heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus started to play. At first I was confused, had someone hijacked the sound system, then I realised the awful fact it was playing from my phone. I heard mutterings around me as I desperately scrambled to pull the phone out my pocket, damn these tight jeans. Without a moment to lose I swiped the next track, Spice Girls, shit, another desperate swipe at last something cool. I looked up and this girl's eyes said it all, I had been found out has been a musical fraud, people were laughing by now. I could not take the humiliation I left the party as quickly as I could. Since this terrible mortifying moment, I have been a social outcast I have been mocked and ridiculed by my peers. And the girl I fancied thinks I'm a joke. I write this here as a terrible warning don't let what happened to me happen to you. I since found out, that after upgrading to KitKat that it is harder for apps to delete music files off the SD card. And this was the cause of my doom. My request is this: Dear Poweramp developers, could you please make an update so I can delete music files from the app again like you could before. I would be enormously grateful. PS. The above story is actually fiction but I thought it would amuse you. But it could have happened, it could :-) James
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