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  1. OK Yes, rom update. Got Android 10 update. WIll send the email. Thx
  2. I can't activating Poweramp using license key that i've bougt in the past. Look at screenshot
  3. The control of visualisation (upper redbox) (visualisation that installed) should in inside Poweramp setting, if its there up of the song cover, it will make UI ugly, imho. And the control like search, open settting (buttom redbox) should can be removed. Too many controls, i can access setting by press "menu" button on my phone. @maxmp Any chance to add setting to remove them???
  4. Not visualisation, but the control of it also control on nav bar (see image with redbox, i want remove them) Image above all controls is hiddedn when visualisation ON, because i lower the opacity to zero as @blaubär suggestion. Nah, when i tap the song , then two controls is appear again. I want remove them (see red box), not visualisation.
  5. Ok. But when i click the song , that control is appear again. How to remove them completely?
  6. Hello, I'm using Poweramp v3 build 820, how to remove the options on red box? See screenshot
  7. Oke Today i get an update from playstore, i have installed uni version. After update completed, i check on about page , now my Poweramp become play version and still registered via website. Niiiceee 😍😍😍 Thanks for you and great dev @maxmp
  8. So, i just need to update from playstore even i have installed uni version?
  9. Now, how to update auomatically if new version of Poweramp uni (website version) get update?
  10. Ok, i find it. Its on the email tittle. Hahaha Sorry for my mistake
  11. Hello, In 2013, i have purchased license from website. But it no longer working in Poweramp v3 play version. So i uninstall it, and download from website (uni version). My problem is , in restore purchase option, Poweramp tell to insert order ID, but i can't find order ID in my email from paypro. So where is the order id?
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