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  1. Really frustrated. While listening to music when i unlock my screen(swipe only ,no pin or password) to do something with phone the lock screen will lock up on mw taking me out of what i was doing.
  2. I have been having issues with lock screen... What is happening while listening to music i will wake up screen unlock and open a application immediately it will lock up the screen... This only comes from when phone screen hasn't been activated.. I have tried disabled the Poweramp screen lock only using stock lock screen and also disabling the stock and using power amp lock screen... I have a lg g3 stock thru at&t..
  3. I made a playlist selected play and it will play one song then the next song that it plays isn't a song i put on my play list
  4. Not from car itself.. Dosent beep all time.. This comes from the steering wheel control of the blue tooth not the actual Poweramp app... And there are no silly questions
  5. I get occasionally a Beeping noise when i switch tracks using steering with control..
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