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  1. In version 2, the notation (stars from 1 to 5) were stored outside the MP3 file. Is there any change in the new version ? It would be great if the notation were stored into the mp3 file. So, when you copy your mp3 to another device, you retrieve the notation of each mp3. Thanks for the great job you have done in V3.
  2. The same problem again. Android was updated last week. So, as I know that this is a condition for a license re-check of Poweramp, I played many mp3 with the network connexion ON. The status of the licence was "Licence verified (Google play store)". I played Poweramp for several hours and I checked several times if this status changed, but it doesn't change. So I think the verification was done successfully. And suddenly, one week after, Poweramp says that it can't verify the licence (because I don't have an internet connexion at that moment) and refuse to play any mp3. It's very frustrating ! Why Poweramp display "Licence verified" if it is not the case ? You can say that Poweramp needs 24h to perform the check of the licence. But I don't have an internet connection ON for 24h. So, when I have an available internet connection, I would like to perform manually the check with a button.
  3. I know that an OS update will trigger a re-authenticate. That's why I always play some mp3 while the internet connection is available. But it seems that Poweramp does not immediately check for the validity of the license (or the licensing server does not respond). The problem is that I don't know if the re-authentication is successful of not. There is no message, and there is no visible mark that the license is verified or not. I don't easily have an internet connection, and I surely cannot keep the internet connection for 24 hours. I hope you understand the problem.
  4. The same problem occurs several times with my registered Poweramp. Each time I update Poweramp or the Android OS, I immediately play several mp3 with the network connection ON, just to be sure that Poweramp can check the license on goole play store. There is no message (no error, no confirmation) that the license is valid or not at that moment. But after some time, Poweramp stop playing mp3 because it cannot check the validty of the license. And of course, this always occurs when there is no network connection. I think that it is related to a reset of the trial period. That could be the explanation : each time Poweramp is updated, the trial period is reset to 0 (even for registered Poweramp). Can you see if I'm right ?
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