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  1. - Galaxy Note 3 (N9005) - CM13 (6.0.1) Temasek Using with these DACs: - Fiio E18 DAC (24bit/96Khz) - Oppo HA-2 DAC (32bit/384Khz) - Chord Mojo DAC (32bit/384Khz)
  2. I cant get any output from any of those options/sections. Tried with DVC and fine volume off. Is anyone else on here using Poweramp with a Fiio E18? Will having UAPP and HibyMusic installed (they have their own custom DAC drivers) conflict with Poweramp? Whats the point of using a DAC with Poweramp if you cant get full resolution from it? Thanks EDIT: How can I get the E18 DAC to be listed under the Hi Res section??
  3. Hi, Only have "Wired/Headset" available under Hi-Res Output. The USB DAC (specifically lists the E18 DAC) is enabled under the AudioTrack Output section, and that section is active
  4. I cant seem to get any output when playing through my E18 DAC. Tried lots of options in the Output section, cant seem to get any output. I have UAPP and HibyMusic installed also, could they be conflicting with Poweramp as they use their own specific drivers?
  5. I hate to do it but I think I'll request a refund as the app is quite obviously faulty (may even damage your headphones and ears!) and there has been zero support for this issue and no response to emails.
  6. This happened again last night and almost blew out my eardrums. I have emailed the dev using the Get Support option through the app - no reply Any input from the dev? I am uninstalling and using something else until they acknowledge and fix the problem.
  7. I've also had this horrible issue twice in the past two days. On completely random tracks. It sounds like its gonna break my headphones! Running full version 2.0.9 build 561
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