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  1. Agree, this only happens on track changes, and not consistently (at least that I can tell). Sometimes, I'll go dozens of tracks without it cropping up, and then sometimes it will do it for 2 or 3 songs in a row. Toggling the DVC setting corrects the issue for the given track as well. I have only noticed while using plugged in headphones. I have used extensively with bluetooth and never noticed the problem.
  2. Now I seem to be getting problems where the sound cuts out completely. The track is still playing, but no audio. As a test, I dialed into my voicemail. As soon as it connected, I heard a very quick burst of music before it was paused for the call. When I hung up, the audio worked fine.
  3. I've disabled it. Will give it a while to see if it works. Since the description talks about greatly improving stuff, I hope I don't make any other audio output crappier by turning it off.
  4. Using version 2.0.9-build-564 on a Samsung Galaxy S-III using Android 4.4.2 Occasionally when listening to music with a wired headset, the volume will drop significantly upon track change. This does not happen on every track change. Other apps have normal volume. The volume setting on the device is unchanged. This only applies to Poweramp. Sometimes pausing the music and starting again will remedy. Sometimes I have to terminate the process altogether and restart it.
  5. Further, while the display now includes an elapsed time, that time resets whenever another app (e.g. my GPS) chimes in via BlueTooth. Thus, if a song is 3:00 long and i'm 1:30 into the song, that will work fine. My GPS gives me a turn direction, though, and the elapsed time returns to 0:00.
  6. The "Cut Silence" setting prematurely trims some tracks that otherwise have no silence at the end and are meant to transition smoothly into the next track. While it seems to work smoothly for most tracks, I have definitely noticed consistently on certain tracks where the track is snipped inappropriately at the end, truncating a small portion of the audio. The audio is not truncated when "Cut Silence" is not enabled, but then there are gaps between tracks.
  7. My phone recently updated from Android 4.2.2 to 4.4.2. Since the update, the track numbers have not properly displayed via Bluetooth. Previously, the track number would display as "1", "2", "3", etc. Now they display as "1001", "1002", "1003", etc. If the song is from Disc 2 of a 2-disc set, they display as "2001", "2002", etc. It appears as if the track number is now being displayed as [Disc][Track-zero-padded-to-three]. I only have one Bluetooth device that shows track numbers to test this on: my 2014 Honda Accord. I've tried toggling "Metachanged Intent" setting and the setting to i
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