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  1. I always had this issue with bluetooth headphones. the remote controls won't do anything until I manually hit play. On the flip side my car's stereo always manages to find (and automatically play...stupid thing) the player when ever I toggle bluetooth sound. I normally play from a usb stick but if I need GPS directions I will toggle to bluetooth.
  2. Recently updated my Samsung S8 to oreo and every now and then when Poweramp is opened (it is allready running in the background) I get unresponsive/black screens and even the bottom row of buttons can become unresponsive. One time I had to reboot the phone to break out. If I can break out using home button then I can close the app in the task list and restart and things are normal again. The only difference from my point of view from 7.0 is my headphones (100abn) are now taking advantage of LDAC.
  3. So just got a g4, and I have this problem. I did figure out the delete issue by naming the sd card, but for some reason I lost permission when editing tags. /File permissions, how do they work??
  4. Currently the LG volt's 1gb ram + kitkat leaves a low memory issue. This is most apparent when you try and use a music player and then web browse, only to have android close the music player. Is there any way to keep the priority at the same level as the foreground app, or reduce its likely hood of being pruned to free up memory?
  5. Maybe have the player ignore anything with genre:podcast? Ignore music xx:xx or longer? I can second this annoyance with audio books, I have to stick them in a directory the library does not scan, and use a filemanager to play them (I can still use Poweramp to play).
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