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  1. I'm having the same exact problem. Used to have error #1 then they finally updated which fixed it for about a couple days now I'm getting error #16. This is ridiculous. Like I said on the previous thread about error #1, "This is why people use hacked versions". There's way too many headaches when an individual supports developers and buys a legitimate license for an app.
  2. Yes, I've sent emails I did that except in the instructions except for the optional (sending a logcat). I'll re-do with a logcat
  3. Can someone please get back to me on this? I have tried every trouble shooting idea and I still haven't gotten anywhere. Does the developers not give a damn if people can even use the app they paid for?
  4. If your going to quote some one do it right. And that link is useless for those of us who purchased this app through google play store.
  5. I have the same problem. I tried the same solution the dev's posted here, which did not work. I even tried factory resetting my phone and reinstalling Poweramp and the unlocker from there. But no go. This is total garbage! One of the first apps worthy of paying for and I can't even use it. I sent the email for support to the developers and received no response. Why support a developer that won't fix a huge bug in their product. I want my money back. No wonder so many people are using hacked versions of this at least that way you can use it. P.s. This is not a device specific problem This is happening on my oneplus one, Sony Z ultra, and Sony Z 2
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