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  1. It doesn't matter, they don't help you at all, just send the same instructions over and over again. What can I do about my problem?
  2. I downloaded the app version from the Poweramp website, When I use the Trial version from Google Play Store, I don't have this problem.
  3. I already did that, just sent me the same instructions! I feel like I got scammed really...
  4. Umm what happened guys, I don't receive an answer from you or from the devs, I am waiting for a solution!!
  5. download the app from the website (Build-563) Paid via paypal on the website After I verified my purchase by entering my Google/Email account and Order ID: 2308xxxx I got this message and suddenly the app stopped working ------------->Picture : http://imgur.com/6razmeR When I was using the trial version of Google Play Sore didn't have this issue, until I bought the app from the website via Paypal, I paid for something that is not working properly. The devs didn't answer me, I am really disappointed!
  6. Hi guys I have a problem with the app Poweramp I recently bought it and followed this instructiones carefully Detailed instructions: 0. uninstall any other versions of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker if you have them 1. ensure your Internet connection is working on the device and you can open http://powerampapp.com 2. ensure your Google or Email account armXXXXX@gmail.com is registered under Android settings => Accounts 3. ensure you have Poweramp build-550 or later from Poweramp website (http://powerampapp.com/download-Poweramp). Play builds don't have non-Play purchase support 4. in Poweramp Settings use Already Purchased? => Website and type in Google/Email account armiXXXXX@GMAIL.COM and Order ID 2XXXXXX But when I entered my email account and my order ID suddenly the app stop working and came up with this "Unfornately,Poweramp has stopped" so I can't use it, and I've been using the Trials before without an issue until I bought it, I downloaded Poweramp build-563 from the website Any suggestion? I can't use something that I paid. I already clear the data of the app and re install it several times Please see the picture-------------> http://imgur.com/6razmeR Kind Regards
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