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  1. Thanks, you saved my day and my life almost Frankly, I was expecting that shuffle thing is messing up and I tried to turn the damn thing off and I was quite sure I actually succeeded but now it looks to me like all I did was switching between two modes of shuffling probably by reaching to not the right option / menu in the player. Thank again! Regards, Mr.B.
  2. Hello, I have been using Poweramp for probably some 3.5 years now, firstly on Samsung Galaxy S1 and now on S3, currently on Android 4.3. I had few months break in using it lately during which probably more than single Poweramp update was installed on my S3 and I believe this could be the reason of significant change in Poweramp behavior. I am old school user - I still buy CDs and convert them to flac (mp3 previously) files putting all the necessary information such as artist name, record title and song number and name into folder and file names. The bottom line is that I do not use tags and I
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