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  1. Finaly support shows me the solution: Tap on library icon, tap on menu button and choose List Options , "Albums by Artist" That's it! Well done, support
  2. Why should I do that?! Because Poweramp is not clever enough to distinguish between different "Albums"? No other has this problem? I can't believe! Even Samsungs standard Music App can difference between theses Albums, because of different folders. I payed money for this Poweramp, but besides nice optics it can't fullfill simple tasks? Hello Poweramp Team??!
  3. Within view "Library/Albums":How can I avoid Poweramp mixing up songs of different folders?\music\Talk Talk\Best Of\...\music\Genesis\Best Of\......are all shown within one Album "Best Of" ("Folders" view is not the answer because infos shown is only folder name) Thx
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