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  1. Andre, It seems the problem only affects Google Pixel phones. Mark
  2. Still not working on my current phone, Pixel 4a 5G. I even updated the operating system yesterday to Android 12 Beta, still not working. Maxmp said he was going to investigate, but I have heard nothing since December. Mark
  3. Thank you sir, I'm available to test any proposed solution. Mark
  4. I've tried all combinations of settings I can think of to try but the problem persists (as it has for months on multiple devices, and other users are experiencing the same thing). Do the devs ever post in this Bug Reports forum?
  5. Problem still exists even after replacing my phone with a Pixel 4a 5G running Android 11. Did a full reset of Poweramp, no change.
  6. Problem still exists here, running Android 11 Release on a Pixel 3a.
  7. Tried that, no change (but thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't tried that before I saw your post). I wonder if it's somehow related to the fact I'm running Android 11 Beta? If so, perhaps I should re-file the issue in the Bug Reports forum..
  8. As stated in the title, when I turn off the screen the Volume Key Long Press option to change tracks no longer works (I'm using wired earbuds). It works when the screen is on but not when the screen is off. It was working one day and then just stopped working. I've re-done the adb shell command shown in the settings page but that didn't fix it. Any ideas? I really use that feature a lot. NOTE: I'm running Android 11 Beta.
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