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  1. It seems that I'm not so good with Android so far I've found myself the answer to the second point: there was an app installed that is called "settings" that allows you to create "shortcuts" to the Android settings menu direclty as icons on the android desktop. Therefore, you just need to launch this app from the app panel, then it will ask you which setting menu you want to short-cut, and it gives you the icon to drop on the desktop. Later you just need to click it and it will open directly the desired menu. I did this for the "audio" sub-menu of the stereo ROM and now I've got the speaker
  2. Hi there! First of all, congratulations for the great work you've done so far. I've test the free version and just 2 minutes after I was buying the full one because it was "love at first sight". I'm using Poweramp on my recently bought Android car stero (autoradio, or whatever you call it). It's one of these chinese units specific for VW cars, and it comes with Android 4.2.2 in a very nice working package (ebay seller, I won't say the name, stereo model ES9401). From my old WindowsCE-based navigation system I'm really missing the following functionality that perhaps you can bring into Powe
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