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  1. Hey ... Do you think are there any program can play the sound effect like a real A/V Power Amp that can do !? (etc. Jazz, Concert Hall, .... etc) :P
  2. Is it possable to use SRS sound effect function for non-HTC devise? I am using Samsung GS2. thanks !!
  3. Hi Support, Could you pls. teach me how to export my EQ/Tone setting from my Poweramp !? And also, could you pls, tell me how to use or when could I use the "Direct Vol. Control" function? SIcne when I enable it, the sound level output will droup almost to zero, just when I swith my phone Vol. to MAX., I just only can hear a little sound. // here is my program and devise info. for your refernce, Poweramp ver.2.0.4-build467 Full Version (unlocked) Samsung GSII, Android 2.3.5, If still need any information on my device, pls. kindly to let me know. Thanks !! K Ming.
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