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    With my phone (Samsung GS3 running stock ICS) the last app to receive a headset press is the one that gets the next press. So if I stop Poweramp with my headset, and after a few minutes press start with my headset, Poweramp starts playing again. And both Smart AudioBook Player and Poweramp stay in the notifications, so switching between the two is a breeze. I agree with you that certain features would be nice if you are listening to longer files with Poweramp (equalizer, navigation, play speed, bookmarks, etc). Ignoring when shuffling is the reason I moved the longer files outside the music folder. Smart AudioBook Player addresses all of this.
  2. Sm1th


    I found a very nice alternative which after only one day has proven itself. Smart AudioBook Player (30-day trial, $2 purchase) will remember where you left off. Also, I moved all non-music content (talk radio, audio books) outside the music folder which has made a lot of things simpler. In fact, I think it is a better way to go. Let Poweramp stick to what it does best.
  3. In the meantime, I was able to find a very nice alternative which after only one day has proven itself. Smart AudioBook Player (30-day trial, $2 purchase) will play your files (talk radio in my case) at higher speeds and remember where you left off. Also, I moved all content intended for this purpose outside the music folder which has made a lot of things simpler. In fact, I think it is a better way to go. Let Poweramp stick to what it does best.
  4. Yes, AndreWilley, I totally agree with what you said. Ratings and artwork should remain inside the tags. Aren't mp3 tags set up for that anyway? So after looking the folder structure over, I noticed that the internal SD card of my new phone is in fact using same path (/mnt/sdcard) that my old phone used for the external SD card. So I moved my music folder to the internal, restored the Poweramp data with TitaniumBackup, and everything was as if I had never switched phones. My ratings came back, equalizer settings, cover art, and everything. I'll use it like this in the meantime, and hopefully these issues will be addressed in future updates. I'm not sure what having 4.6 GB of music will do to the filesize of nandroid backups with RomManager, but I'm willing to put up with that over redoing all my ratings and cover art.
  5. You know I really thought that all the customizations done to your music would stay within the music folder. That would truly make sense. But if it doesn't reside within the music folder, Poweramp should be smart enough to let you point it to the new location of the music folder (it does this), and NOT discard modifications upon relocation of the music folder.
  6. Hello, I just got a new phone and after getting it all set up and all the data transferred over, I launched Poweramp and found that my ratings and cover art are no more. My music folder is on an SD card, and I used Titanium Backup to backup Poweramp and its data. Here is where I think the problem is: the path to the SD card on my old phone differs from that of my new phone. /mnt/sdcard vs. /mnt/extSdCard. So after the first launch, Poweramp can't find the music folder and I then have to tap select folders and check the music folder. After this my music files are located and ratings and cover artwork are gone. What can I do to remedy this problem? I have rated my tracks and customized cover art for at least one year, I don't want to do this all over again. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. You are right. Even though the volume keys don't work, the call/play/pause key does. I can usually feel through my pocket to increase the volume.
  8. Sm1th


    Yes, I definitely would like this feature. So true, iPods have done this for a while. On an iPod you can actually stop listening to an audio book halfway through, listen to an hour of music, go back to the audio book, and it resumes right where you left off. Brilliant.
  9. I listen to a lot of 3-hour recorded talk radio shows, I would love this. 1.10x, 1.3x, and 1.5x would be awesome.
  10. Cyanogenmod has this as a setting. If your phone is listed as a supported device, and you don't mind tinkering with your phone, conserder flashing your phone with Cyanogenmod. I did and I won't ever go back to stock Android.
  11. I asked for the same feature not too long ago! I would love it if the lock screen would stick around. Please make this an option.
  12. You'll probably get faster results by purchasing a headset with buttons and a mic for calls (play/pause, +vol, -vol). I have the Sony MDREX38iP/BLK EX and love them. For those who might not know, single-press = play/pause, double-press = next track, triple-press = prvious track. Once the music is started I don't normally have to take my phone out of my pocket.
  13. It would be nice to be able to change Album Art while scrolling through the Albums list from within the Library. As far as I know, the only time to change it is via the Player on the current song.
  14. I love Poweramp's lock screen, I just wish it would stay in place. Most of the time after I pause the music using my headset button the lock screen switches back to the default Android lock screen. So to start the music again I have to unlock my screen and use the widget to push play. It would be so much easier if the lock screen would stay permanently if the user chooses so. *UPDATE* I flashed my LG G2x with Cyanogenmod and LOVE IT. Cyanogenmod actually has an option to put media controls on the lock screen. Now I can start music form the lock screen and after that the Poweramp lock screen soon appears. It would still be nice to have the option to make the Poweramp lock screen permanent.
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