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  1. Hi, i will imentately buy this piece of software if: - blury background of album art can be disabled - if playing a song: ability to play all songs from that artist instantly -or- all songs from that album instantly (see playerpro) - ratings embedded into the id3 tag (i know its comming, but please hurry) - IMPORTANT: update file date!!! (for filesync matters) - if songs of lets say 1000 are being played in shuffle mode, please show the counts like this 45/1000 > 653/1000 > 56/1000 and so on. -not- 1/1000 > 2/1000 > 3/1000... doesn't look like shuffle (although it shuffles internally, hope you got me) - better low DPI support THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! DocMAX
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