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  1. Hi, It'd be great if Poweramp would sort its track list by file extension first, so that you could have mp3 and flac versions of the same album together in the same directory. Thanks!
  2. itunes supports artist and album sort fields, so although you don't get much flexibility otherwise, you can at least fully control the sort order. the android media library doesn't seem to support these fields, but as power amp is using it's own scanner, it could support extracting them from the id3 tags and giving them as a sort option you're right about just using folders though, thanks, that works for me too, as I have my folder structure using the artist and album sort names already the main annoyance of the htc player I'm using now, apart from a total lack of sort options, is always switching back to the top of the artist list, you can't just go back up from the current track, so power amp is an improvement on both of those issues (not to mention lossless support) thanks for the eq tip too, I hadn't noticed the toggle switches before, only the reset button. I'll remove that from the list so yeah, the rest are pretty much minor usability enhancements, as you say, no deal breakers, just makes it a little nicer to use. skip in shuffle is important though for anyone who has non-music tracks and uses shuffle. you can work around it with play lists but it's not pretty I'll keep using it until the end of the trial period, but it looks like I'll purchase then as the folder navigation and (implicit) sort functions are enough of an improvement over the htc player (and the 10 billion downloads market promotion has seduced me into finally adding my credit card to the market...)
  3. the point of the post is a list of basic usability issues, hence a feature request to have them addressed in particular: add a feature to scroll, wrap, or telescope long names in the library, rather than just truncating them. truncation means that 2 entries with different names can't be told apart. the htc player also truncates add a skip in shuffle feature. you otherwise have to manually skip non music tracks that pop up when shuffling. the htc player doesn't have this either add ability to sort on artist and album sort fields. it can sort on year, and automatically skips "The" prefixes, so it's already an improvement on the htc player add a feature to auto-select the only album when selecting artist. this is just a nice usability enhancement. the htc player doesn't do this either add a feature to remove redundant identical artist and album names for each track from the track list. it really looks cluttered otherwise, distracts from the track titles, and takes up more space. the htc player shows the artist but not the album for each track add a feature to show remaining time. pretty basic feature. the htc player can do this I'm actually using the htc player at the moment, mention of the ipod is just for a well-known, old, reference for basic features and usability I think you protest too much, are you a closet ipod user?
  4. hi, I just tried out the latest version and found some basic usability issues. here's a list of issues and corresponding features from an old ipod for reference: power amp (2.02): issue: truncates long names in library issue: no skip when shuffling option good: can sort albums by year issue: no artist sort options issue: doesn't auto-select only album when selecting artist issue: cluttered track list with redundant identical artist and album names for each track issue: no remaining time display ipod (gen5): good: scrolls long names in library good: skip when shuffling option good: sorts albums by sort field good: sorts artists by sort field good: auto-select only album when selecting artist good: clean track list good: remaining time display thanks!
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