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  1. I have an S3 with the latest updates, I noticed when I play music the volume is really low, I would have to turn up my car stereo/desktop speakers way too high to get it to sound right. I messed with the settings in Poweramp and when I went to: Settings Audio Advanced Tweaks Direct Volume Control I clicked this on and noticed a huge improvement. However, when I start playing music after shutting off Poweramp, this setting is still checked, but the volume is low again. I have to go back into the setting, uncheck it, then re-check it and the volume goes back to normal (volume increases as it should). For some reason it seems this setting doesn't actually stay on if you stop playback, even though it stays checked, you have to reset the setting to get it to work again. -Peter
  2. Try this: Go to Settings Audio Advanced Tweaks Check or uncheck Direct Volume Control If unchecked, check it back on For some reason this function stops working and you have to reset the option. -Peter
  3. This fixes it for me, I'm reporting this bug in a separate post, but thought it might help you for now: I noticed the volume level was really low when I hooked up my S3 to speakers using the headphone jack, what I found is: Go to settings Audio Advanced Tweaks Check or Uncheck Direct Volume Control Re-check Direct Volume Control Even if this is already checked, try unchecking it and then re-checking it. This usually works for me. -Peter
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