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  1. I have an S3 with the latest updates, I noticed when I play music the volume is really low, I would have to turn up my car stereo/desktop speakers way too high to get it to sound right. I messed with the settings in Poweramp and when I went to: Settings Audio Advanced Tweaks Direct Volume Control I clicked this on and noticed a huge improvement. However, when I start playing music after shutting off Poweramp, this setting is still checked, but the volume is low again. I have to go back into the setting, uncheck it, then re-check it and the volume goes back to normal (volume increases
  2. Try this: Go to Settings Audio Advanced Tweaks Check or uncheck Direct Volume Control If unchecked, check it back on For some reason this function stops working and you have to reset the option. -Peter
  3. This fixes it for me, I'm reporting this bug in a separate post, but thought it might help you for now: I noticed the volume level was really low when I hooked up my S3 to speakers using the headphone jack, what I found is: Go to settings Audio Advanced Tweaks Check or Uncheck Direct Volume Control Re-check Direct Volume Control Even if this is already checked, try unchecking it and then re-checking it. This usually works for me. -Peter
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