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  1. My understanding is that this is being implemented for an upcoming Poweramp version. The official twitter account makes mention of it on Jan 16 https://twitter.com/Poweramp2 so it's definitely on the developer's radar. I don't really know a lot about Android development, but my understanding is that Google has not built that functionality into Android, and most (non Poweramp) players rely on the stock APIs to manage the music library. I am very excited for this feature, and will certainly purchase another copy of Poweramp (somehow) because really, it will be the only software out there with this feature, and that's the easiest and most effective way I know of communicate my enthusiasm for software that provides that much value.
  2. Thanks for the program, it's really excellent. This feature "album by artist" seems to help some people, but it doesn't really get me past the problems I have with music players on Android. It's already available on PowerPro (which I also bought hoping implemented it differently than it actually did). For example, if you buy an Eminem album--saying nothing of my taste in music--you have an album where pretty much every song has a different artist. So track one is Eminem and Obie Trice, track two is Eminem and Wayne Newton, track three is by Dr. Dre and Eminem, so on and so forth. Now, when I list "Album by Artist" I have an additional 15 artists. Throw in a couple of 80s compilations, and now my list is unmanageable. The same happens for sorting by "Artist." Listing by "Album" helps somewhat, but I have too many albums and a bad memory for what Albums are called. Possibly I have a broken through process, but I sort music by the artist in my head; so if I want to listen to Early Days - Led Zeppelin, I have to struggle to remember is it Greatest Hits, Early Hits, Hits?. I just don't remember album names that well, possibly because there are so many more of them. I find it very difficult to use music programs in Android the way they're structured. Album Artist solves this problem by limiting the number of possible selections to an small, manageable list of artists in a group that seems easy to manage. Right now I have either several hundred albums--I have a 32GB card in my phone--or several hundred artists; album artist distills this list down into maybe a third of that number and makes my music much more accessible. I don't know why other people don't seem to have this problem, or maybe they just don't put a premium on accessibility; I find it crucial if I'm linking the phone to the car speakers, for example. Anyway, Poweramp is an excellent program I'm very happy to have bought. The UI is definitely the best of all of the music players I've tried. And the library system is great too--I love being able to restrict myself to certain folders so my Car Talk podcasts don't end up in my music player. I keep wishing for "Album Artist" so that I can really take advantage of that new feature. Thanks.
  3. Add this feature to Poweramp, and I will certainly buy the unlocked version. I'd even pay a yearly subscription.
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