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  1. Any updates on this? I'm using a system similar to this (although I'm using the more standard semicolon as delimiter, which Poweramp supports) with multiple genres, written in the ID3v2 genre tag, where each genre is separated by a semicolon like this: Main Genre;Sub Genre;Sub Genre;etc. Example (the below string is written in the ID3v2 genre tag): Hip Hop;90s;Trap;Dirty;Deep I'd like a feature similar to iTunes' smart playlist, where I can create filter criteria: Genre CONTAINS ("Hip Hop" OR "R&B") AND ("90s" AND "Deep")
  2. When selecting to browse by "Genre", the only option is to browse by Genre Album. My request is to be able to simply list all the tracks. In a day and age where albums are becoming less and less prominent and most of my tracks are either singles or I just have one or two songs from each album, only having the option to list by album, most of which only contain one track and most of which I don't even recognize because I don't think of tracks in terms of albums anymore, seems quite outdated. The sort by artist/name/date added feature should obviously also be available when listing by Genre Tr
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