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  1. Hi Build 802 seems to reach the expected maturity level of a release. Great job ! I'm getting used to the new Poweramp and I feel it will remain my favorite music player. One thing I am missing : the ability to jump to the next album by swiping up the album art on the player. Is this something you may consider restoring before official release ? Thank you
  2. Hi, I am using à Sony BT headset with LDAC codec, and hi-res audio output of Poweramp. With build 797, whatever the DVC option setting I cannot control the volume from the headset. I know there's a warning about that issue when selecting hi-res output, but I am still hoping a fix can be found. My phone is an LG G6 with Android 8. Thanks for the great job you're doing !!! Balvenie
  3. Sorry but I fully support the remarks. Build 793 is NOT great.
  4. Also : Why is it now impossible to start the queue after the current song when shuffle-all is selected ? Previous behaviour was more flexible Thank you
  5. When adding a song to a non empty queue from search results, while playing the queue, with options Start playing queue immediately : disabled Auto advance from queue : enabled the selected song replaces the entire queue, is displayed as the current playing song although the current song continus playing and when finished exits the queue without playing the newly selected song LG G6 Android 8.0 beta build 793 play (full version)
  6. Poweramp is definitely a great player and app. To magnify the listening experience whatever the hardware in use, the equaliser is the solution. To easily find the adequate equaliser setup to compensate headphones and hearing defects, an embedded tone generator or sound files reader combined with a user in the loop aided equaliser tuning would be awesome. Take a look at Samsung's Adapt Sound feature on latest devices to have a better idea of what I have in mind. Thanks
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