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  1. Any solution for this problem?
  2. Could you please provide a fix for Android 7.1 and CM 14.1 where Poweramp just pauses the music after 5-10 seconds when screenlock is made ...
  3. I have the same situation with pausing, but there are two cases: 1) PA pauses music once BT device is connected. I tap play. PA may hang 1-5 minutes and then only self pause and I have to tap Play again to make it play. This happened as on Wolla v6.2 ROM and Android 6.0.1 so with Android 7.1 and CM 14.1 ROM. 2) PA pauses music after 5-10 seconds when I made a screenlock Android: 7.1 ROM: CM 14.1 Device: HTC One M8 Dual Sim
  4. Agree with wearable app being built in in app itself
  5. When is Poweramp 3 release scheduled?
  6. @maxmp 1. Device model: HTC One M8 Dual Sim 2. ROM: Wolla 6.2 > Android 6.0.1 3. Snapdragon 801 How can I enable this HiRes audio_support? Is it in ROM or in Poweramp? I'm on v2.0. Is it only 3.0 new beta related?
  7. Just reporduced that with Lockscreen. Rewinding works once Poweramp Lockscreen is enabled ... Poweramp please fix this bug
  8. This option is highly needed as sometimes people listen to big mixes/club music or just usual songs as 4-5 seconds is very very small option. For example I wear BT headset Sennheiser MM-550X and I do not want to open up the phone for rewinding/forwarding the huge mix (options selection of seconds would be perfect for that case) > Loving this audio player but it needs an improvement for end-users P.S. Remember success of your application/site depends on the community response
  9. Guys is there such option as select time to rewind? For example not 2-5 seconds but 10 or 20? Can't find it. Feeling as blind mice here
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