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  1. Hello! My Poweramp is already full now!THANK YOU SO MUCH! Best wishes to Poweramp! Sincerely,Nich Chan
  2. 也不知道是支付宝的问题还是怎么回事,反正他们只是让我联系paypal,然后就没有然后了。 要不你也开个贴说说吧,可能人多点他们才会重视!
  3. Done! Please check and let me know if you have received my mail. Thank you very much!
  4. But there're still nobody reply my (almost 10) mails. Is there any problem? Or if I can't get my Poweramp back, can I get my money back?
  5. Done. If you receive my mail please reply me as soon as possible or tell me here on the forum. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  6. Actually I didn't receive any confirmation email! Even though I DO could use Poweramp Unlocked Full Version before I reflash my phone. In fact, at that time, I tried 3 times to purchase (Because of the network problem) and get 3 order numbers in which successfully paid once. But now no matter how I change my email address or order number, it just tells me "NO_ORDER_FOR_ACT". Please help me! Thank you!
  7. Actually I've already add my auxiliary email and the email in personal information in the email account on my phone. But it still doesn't work! I don't know if I've fill in a wrong google account when I bought Poweramp. So I hope you can help me change it into a correct one. Thanks!
  8. I've already send 3 mails to that mailbox but nobody reply me. I'll send another one now and please reply me if you receive it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  9. I reflashed my phone a few days ago and Poweramp became trial version. I don't know how to get it back because I used my auxiliary e-mail as my Google/Email Account when I purchase Poweramp using Alipay. Now the app just tells me "NO_ORDER_FOR_ACT" every time I try to get my Poweramp back. Please help me get my Poweramp back!
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