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  1. On 7/4/2016 at 3:06 PM, andrewilley said:

    Sometimes I wish Google would just stop messing with things unnecessarily just for the sake of the creating a new fad.

    No, I take that back, ALL of the time I wish Google would stop messing with things unnecessarily. Change does not necessaily mean progress. And I include a lot of Material Design in that statement.


    To be fair it's like they're telling you to put navigation buttons at the bottom.

    It's not a problem in pretty much all material-designed apps.

  2. Anyone having this issue? Pausing when the device is locked, then wait for a short while (30s or so), and I'd have to press the headset button a few times before it would register.

    Another issue, though this one has been around for a while: There's a 1s delay between pressing the headset button and audio pausing.

    I'm on Android 6, Moto X 2014 (stock rom is pretty close to stock Android).


    Anyway, the new build actually most of the issues, including ones I've been experiencing for about 2 years now.


    Oh and btw my phone doesn't seem to support Hi-Res, looks like a s/w issue (not specified in audio policy). The SoC is snapdragon 801, but I'm not sure what the DAC is.

  3. Recently an app was released to enable the DAC on all apps, called DAC Fix.




    The concept is actually quite simple! Immediately when music starts playing, it plays some completely (and I mean completely! We don't want any background noise, do we?) silent media which tricks the phone into turning the DAC on.


    Can't tell if that's a bug or intentional.


    I wonder how the whole DAC system works. Does it have 2 to switch between? Or does it have 2 modes, low and high quality?

  4. Hello everybody,


    I am (was) a very happy user of Poweramp on my HTC One until I bought an iBASSO DX90. Very worthy DAP that I use everyday.

    So now I miss Poweramp and all its so good features and IHM.


    As DX90 (or DX50 the little brother) are under Android, is possible to think about to port Poweramp to DX90 ?

    Rockbox was ported to DX50, so why not with Poweramp.


    If you plan to work on it, I can be beta tester of course.


    Thanks a lot!

    Instead of "porting", rooting then installing the app would be a better idea.


    Also, rockbox itself is already an OS. Pretty surprised they ported that to a Android device.

  5. But it's not in appearance, and that the apps must be brought to uniform standards UI with standard patterns of interaction, when similar actions in different apps on different devices are executed in the same way. And how to achieve this is written in Material design guides. That's important rather than "leather" or "carbon" skins. 

    I agree. Apps should be designed with this in mind.


    A common style for user interaction is not a bad thing though, as it makes it easier for people to pick up a new app and use it immediately rather than trying to work out how to navigate around each new interface. But the devil's advocate in me says that part of the reason a lot of people went with Android rather than Apple is the level of choice and customisation that Android offers over iOS's dull conformity. ;)


    We can have both uniformity and customization. Uniformity in app design improves your workflow and help you do things quicker.

  6. I know this has been said multiple times but I think Poweramp really needs UI improvements.


    Something like:

    • Material design (as in color scheme, icon design and animations). Gotta wait for L first though.
    • Tabbed UI. Slide left/right to switch to Albums, All songs, Playlist, Folders, ... Maybe the player screen should be a tab too.

    Some other small things: (These are just my opinion though)

    • On-screen search button throughout the main screen. (The Albums/Artist/... screen.)
    • A "Now Playing" bar on the bottom on the main screen, if there's something playing.
    • Album view uses the album art as background
    • Maybe swipe to show quick scroll bar. That bar got in my way countless times. Especially when I'm trying to press that small menu button on the side.
    • Up button on top left, overflow on top right, ... like other 4.x Android apps. Also transparent decor support.
    • Option to change album display density, so you can display more in one screen.


    And unrelated to the above, but some kind of networking support would be nice. Like streaming from a media server, or even cloud support. And play to other devices. But these two seem farfetched.

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