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  1. Yesterday I think I narrow when this occur. While playing with the application and car radio, I find out that I was able to reproduce the issue each time I touch the volume button of the car. Poweramp start to stop and replay song until I skip to next song. It the volume button and same problem, screen on or off. Playing with the volume button on the phone don't affect the music. Again this is with my car radio only and Poweramp, Poweramp with other Bluetooth connection at home don't do that and other music play in the car don'T do that either.
  2. Both, usually it's start once the screen is off, but even after the screen go one it's still continue. I'm guessing thw car stereo sending command to the device. Also displaying the length of the song is all screw up since last OS update (or Poweramp update).
  3. Ihave the same problem with my car radio only and Poweramp, music stop for a second or two and restart. This continue unless I skip to other song. I don't have this problem with other player (stock) or if I use a bluetooth speaker at home. I think this as started since my last update to kitkat. It was working flawlessly before that. I have try to play with all setting but never found a solution.
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