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  1. I think this problem is related to the Android L preview rather than Poweramp, since the same thing happens in other apps. That said I figured someone here might know of a fix. Prior to updating to Android L I used the Meenova MicroSD card adapter with my Nexus 5 to add more music to my phone via Poweramp. This always worked great. After upgrading, I can't get Poweramp (or any app) to recognize data on the SD card, even though the phone recognizes the card is there. I've made sure to root the phone again and StickMount is installed and working. When I plug in the USB drive, StickMount recognizes it and indicates the drive has been mounted. In Poweramp I go to Folders and Library > Music Folders, and like before I can see the usbStorage in the list. I select it and do a full rescan, but the contents of the drive never appear in my library. What's on the card hasn't changed since before upgrading to Android L, so I don't know why it would stop working now, other than just some software glitch. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks, Chris
  2. There's only one other thread I could find about this from last year that doesn't appear to be answered, so I thought I'd ask about any updates on this. I'd like to purchase a WiFi hard drive such as the Seagate Wireless Plus and access the media on it directly via Poweramp. So far I've yet to hear any reports of this being possible. Is this a feature in the works? Or is there a way to make this work on my Nexus 5? I've read about possibly needing to flash a ROM supporting CIFS, but I have yet to find one for the Nexus 5, or any confirmation that this would actually make it work. Thanks! Chris
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