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  1. Poweramp v3 just landed on my device this morning. just wanted to say how happy i am. i'm in awe of your work, @maxmp! thank you for your effort! i love the update! best, Bin
  2. hey Lucas, i hope this does not come over as rude, but i'd recommend blacking out your imei nr. in screenshots published online as this number is unique to your device. best, Bin
  3. I did, but there is only the one /music folder in the dropdown list. If I check this one and do a full rescan, all the duplicates are still there.
  4. Hello Guys I'm sorry if I'm beeing dumb but in the folders dropdown I seem to be unable to find the aliased /music folder. I know it is there, by using a storage explorer on my rooted device I saw it, but in Poweramp it only appears once. Has anyone a solution for this problem? Thanks in advance! Kind regards Bin
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