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  1. 803 worked fine for me today with no occurrences of the bug
  2. Will try an let you know in the evening. Although I had days, where this issue did not show itself, so a few days of testing should be proper
  3. I have not been able to reproduce it without wireless headphones so far. Using Hi-Res setting increases the chances for me, but disabling it does not mean it won't happen at all.
  4. Issue persists on 802 for me. Settings attached last.poweramp-settings
  5. Guys, who notice this, as well, please, check if your elapsed time on the track is 1 second more than actual track length. I think there is something wrong with logic which calculates the elapsed seconds. I presume, there is something like a `while` cycle in there with wrong parameters used for it or something. Or maybe it's using a buffer or something, which could explain, that it does not happen all the time
  6. Ah, sorry: it's Asus Zenfone 5Z, Android 8.0 + August Security, ROM version is ww_zs620kl_80.30.96.111_20180921
  7. I noticed, that when the issue occurs, time elapsed shows 1 second more, than the actual length of the track. Like 4:03 of 4:02.
  8. That I had not notice. But I noticed, that when the issue occurs to me, time elapsed shows 1 second more, than the actual length of the track. Like 4:03 of 4:02.
  9. Seems like this is same as one I reported since I also have Hi-Res enabled. Did not think it mattered, but will check how it works without it. Although today I had this issue only 2 times, the rest of the day switched normally.
  10. I've noticed, that tracks are not getting switched automatically in 799. I mean, track ends and then nothing. If I have the app open and active I can see notification "Failed to play". Strangely, this seems to be easily reproduce-able for me when using BT headset, but sometimes not reproducible with speaker or when Wi-Fi is enabled. Clearing app's cache helps for like a 10 tracks, then issue returns.
  11. I had this this bug after ROM update. Turning off and back on the settings for color reversal for notification fixed this. For some reason I can't find this setting now, though.
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