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  1. Nope, I bought the adapter inside and hooked it up to Adb but couldn't reproduce it indoors. I'll try to debug it in the car at some point!
  2. I don't mind them how they are now really, just never twigged that they would have so many different modes - I guess I'm just used to those buttons only offering to repeat the current song/album and shuffle the current album. Should've known Poweramp would have more to offer Unfortunately some of my albums have come tagged with CD1, CD2 or CD3 in the album name, so appear as seperate albums. Which means I probably won't use "shuffle lists, Songs in order" as I don't like starting an album from the middle
  3. Thanks! For any other people that come across this, pressing the 'repeat' button on the 'play' screen until it says advance list achieves this! or pressing the shuffle button until it says shuffle all songs. I guessed they were simple toggles rather than having 4 or 5 different modes!
  4. Hi there, It would be great to have an endless music mode where when Poweramp has run out of the current list/queue it lays something else I'd really like a choice of: full library random (e.g. party mode)sensible next choice - next song in album of last song, next album alphebetically. Nicer than full-random in the car IMO.And obviouly the ability to go 'next' and skip the song its picked.Would be safer than prodding at the screen trying to pick the next album when the music goes quiet in the car and useful in other scenarios!
  5. I have an (AptX) BT adapter in my car, however when I turn off the car the power is cut to the adapter. The phone (Xperia Z1, kitkat) doesn't realise this until about 30 seconds later (I guess the connection times out?). Poweramp then pauses, however the widget/notification/app doesn't show it - the play/pause button doesn't change to play. Next time BT is connected, it doesnt auto play. Pressing the play/pause button (still showing pause) causes the song to play from the begining. To get around this I've had llama (an events app) send the media pause command when the BT device disconnec
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