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  1. Yeah, it's making me glad I stuck with the free trial. If I can get this issue resolved, I will happily buy it, but until then, Rocket Player is working adequately for my purposes.
  2. I rooted it (for other reasons) during the course of this discussion. Problem originated pre-root, and persisted after.
  3. Heh. If you like it, please, buy one of their albums. And that is frustrating, because that's the exact same file structure as I have, and when I open that playlist in Poweramp it says "0 songs".
  4. Like I said earlier though, most of my playlists are mixlists of songs from different artists and albums (the Celtic Woman one I've been using as an example is the exception), built in WMP. I've got the script that makes M3U playlists from the WPL files, but for whatever reason, Poweramp just doesn't read most of them properly. Here, take this ZIP, place the Music folder within it on the root of your removable SD card (or merge it with the one that's already there), and see how Poweramp handles the included playlist for you.
  5. I dunno either, and I wish I knew. I keep hearing people rave about Poweramp, and I'd love to use it, but I just can't make the switch unless there's an easy way to get my playlists from WMP on my computer to work properly in it. My method for Rocket Player is: Plug SD card into comp with adapter, use WMP to sync music to SD card; copy WPL playlist files to /Music/Playlists/ on card (the WPL files already use relative paths); use script to make .m3u files from the WPLs, then clean up the now-unneeded WPL copies; load in player of choice. Works perfectly in Rocket, but Poweramp...well, you get the idea by now.
  6. Most of my M3U files were created with a WPL-to-M3U script that includes some metadata in the output file, but I've tried both stripping out the metadata and recreating the same playlist by hand without that metadata with no change.
  7. I tried the .m3u8 thing, no change. I also tried adjusting the file to (hopefully) work one level down from /Music/ (i.e., place it in /Music/Celtic Woman/), but no luck there either.
  8. Update: Playlist file in the same folder as the files it's referencing, with no path information inside it (only file names) worked for my Celtic Woman playlist. Unfortunately, this is not a solution, as nearly all of my playlists contain songs from multiple artists and albums. Placing the playlist in the /Music/ folder, with appropriate relative-path structure for the files referenced within, did not work. On a side-note, I did find one case of a song being omitted in another music app (Rocket Player) because of oddball characters in the MP3's file name. Renaming the file and editing the playlist appropriately solved that in Rocket, but that playlist is still only showing 28 out of the 103 tracks it should have when opened in Poweramp.
  9. I will test, but again, I don't see how that could be the problem when other music players can play them just fine. Will report results later today.
  10. Folder structure is <external sd card>/Music/Playlists, e.g., <card>/Music/Playlists/Celtic Woman.m3u. Music file references in the playlist files are relative, e.g., ../Celtic Woman/The Greatest Journey- Essential Collection/01 The Call.mp3 No unusual characters that I've noticed.
  11. Yep. I mean, I'll double-check, but all the music was sync'd by the same method and all the playlists were created the same way; either they should all work, or none of them should.
  12. The songs appear in the library and play fine. Tested with my Celtic Woman songs; the playlist they're supposed to be in is entirely empty, even though the songs are present and playable.
  13. Neg, I just installed build 558 (on a Ca-Fi Dashlinq4 android-based car stereo headunit) and I'm getting the same issue. Most of my M3U playlists are missing large portions of their songs when accessed via the Poweramp library (one playlist that actually has 103 items in it only shows 28 in Poweramp). The same M3U files play perfectly in Rocket Player. [EDIT] Uninstalled build 558 and tried 559. No change.
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