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  1. Thanks, I thought the upgrade broke something... I don't know why but the upgrade moved my playlist numbers... Found them and working again
  2. Since 805 I can not use com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND Data:content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/playlists/#/files To play playlists. Was working fine before
  3. Rowan, is this working for you? Since 805 (I think) it is not working for me...
  4. Thanks Rowan! Works like a charm. It would have been useful to get the currently playing playlist info, but this works for my needs. Thanks again!
  5. I'm interested in this Rowan. Could you post the actions to achieve this? Regards, Manuel
  6. This was asked at the 792 thread but was lost in the flood of comments. Do we have an API documentation available for 792?
  7. Do we have api documentation available for this beta?
  8. For once? After 2 years with non met dev issued deadlines you have the nerve to say "for once". In my case I'm not waiting for it simply because I don't believe dev's deadlines anymore. But I can clearly understand the tension of some, specially now that the stable version is not even running properly on new devices.
  9. The problem is that 3.0 is getting into a vicious cycle. App is almost ready but delayed to fix bugs on a few phones, then new Android system is out, rework has to be done, app is delayed to fix bugs on a few phones, then new Android system is out, rewor…
  10. The ironic thing is that I'm 100% sure that once the Beta is out, people will complain about the interface....
  11. I have tasker listening to intents from com.maxmpz.audioplayer.STATUS_CHANGED. For Poweramp version 2 the status broadcasted was "1" whenever PA was playing and "3" when it stopped playing. This was a good way to let tasker know if music was playing at a certain moment. Now, with PA v3, I only get status = 1 whether I start or stop the music. I guess you are aware of it, and will fix it for future verisons, but in case you are not I'm reporting... Thanks
  12. Thanks Max... better late than never.... Back to Poweramp!!
  13. I wonder how many people have asked for this... oh wait, we can take a look at the forums... maybe 7- 10 people? How many have asked for ducking audio@notification?.... I counted 27 on a single thread, and there are at least 7 (probably more) threads asking for this feature that could be added with a few lines of code...
  14. Lower volume on notification... maybe by being a pain in the @ss the feature gets included some day... Requested here http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/4591-lower-volume-on-notifications-short-audio-focus-change/ and here http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/8529-include-notification-audio-while-in-car-mode/ and here http://forum.poweram...olume-ducking/ http://forum.poweram...e-maps-prompts/ http://forum.poweram...igation-speech/ http://forum.poweram...o-focus-change/ http://forum.poweram...navigationwaze/ http://forum.poweram...ionsnavigation/ I will come back later....
  15. No lower volume on notification - no go For people like me that use the phone as navigation device, not having the lower volume on notification (like a navigation notification) is a no-go (Poweramp is no longer my main music app for some time now). I'm amazed that even after being asked repeatedly on the forums it is not even planned for implementation for this new big bump up upgrade version.
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