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  1. no just the default skin but i have Alminuim and Plastic White skin installed but not using it... its annoying cus when ur just pressing back button repeatedly for ur phone to get in home menu, when it at last gets to home menu it just CLOSES/shutdown(music stops) Poweramp :/ please contact me via pedram.aphotic@gmail.comand let me know what i can do to help fixing this error :}
  2. thanks for the help... i will try to report this from my device too... but i dont know how to explain this well... xD
  3. Poweramp closes when i press BACK BACK BACK several times fast ... this happens sometimes... but has happened more than 10 times now in month...annoying... it starts from where the song were and fast but it closes... XPERIA Z 4.4.4 anything else i need to infrom u about?
  4. nope absoloutly not... all .MP3 from the start... i think the problem is when u exclude a whole FOLDER(ex: i have speeches and interviews) from the ROOT folder that u have selected in the folders and library... i think it tries to play them yet they are excluded thus giving error......is that possible?
  5. i am thumbing up this request...
  6. "Too many failed files, playing will stop now" same issue here after...no update no system change no nothing... just renaming some folders & YES i tried FULL SCAN & re-scan 10times... the only thing that i can think of...was after i tried to EXCLUDE a folder from my list(i mean to tick off a folder in from the folders and library)maybe its trying to paly them STILL(thats lame and impossible cus its not ticked in the list) ...the error was there but not THIS many times...now its 3/4 tracks in between each 5 tracks... ...& ive checked my SD card in other phone/PC its ok all are in /.MP3 format and they are not corrupt... so let me know what to check on and what to do to fix this... i really do love Poweramp...fast and sleek and i want it to become immortal on Andriod & WinAMP is a first and final winner in PC. it costed me(3$ on the google market) al tough i live in a very poor country and each dollar is trippled the price...yet i was GLAD to pay it off for a smooth player that filled my day & nights with easy & fast music... EDIT: this issue ONLY accrues when SHUFFLE is ON! (i need shuffle!) my SPhone: Sony Xperia Z Android: 4.3 Poweramp: 2.0.9-build-558-play (Full Version)
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