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  1. You proved followed wired headset, or just for a while? For as is random, maybe you did not, because I tried it enough. This you mention me, makes me think that may be a firmware problem Kitkat. We'll see if someone else happens this ... Thank you!
  2. Hi Andre! Thank you very much for answering. Whenever it does it is with the screen off. Randomly does sometimes 1 or 2 times in 1 hour, and 1 time for other 4 hours. weird. Never use the Bluetooth. Always use wired headphones. We note that since I started to do install the new firmware (4.4.2 kitkat) before did not. What update with Samsung Kies, but unlike the previous ones, this time I did air (Wi-Fi). I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Diego.
  3. continues to do less but do it well. I am currently the only sound that stutters?
  4. Hello. I am writing from Argentina and I'm using a translator to practice questions. forgiveness. I have the Poweramp app payment longtime and recently actualize by samsung kies to version 4.4.2 kitkat (I have a smarphone Galaxy S4) and since the install note that at times the music skips (stutters). The truth is very annoying and I would like to know if this happened to one, or if I can help. Thank you very much for reading. Greetings. Edit: I just realized I had the shareware. not that it happened, but had also. When I upgrade maybe, or whenever the cel and reinstall, I did not completely. N
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